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Welcome! You have connected with a leadership team that is grounded and committed to helping our youth realize their gifts and talents. Bobby Kennedy once equated a small action to a pebble thrown into a still lake. We stand and watch the ripple of hope it creates as it cascades outward. We believe APOV can represent such a metaphor. As we put forth our best effort, it is our hope that cascading knowledge will make ripples of hope and possibilities in the minds of our youth as they begin to change in the world around them.

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our vision

To inspire and educate youth to develop decision making, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.

our mission

APOV will model healthy choices, and healthy coping strategies, that support the body, mind, and spirit of developing youth.

APOV will become a vehicle of change through self assessment with an eye on successful end results.

APOV will seek to intervene in youth’s disparity toward success by modeling the change we wish to see.

APOV will establish a supportive role with parents as we claim youth as worthy, and we nurture a vision in them that is not yet understood by them.

apov is dedicated to the youth

APOV is dedicated to the many young boys and young girls that struggle daily to find their compass to determine self direction and self validation. Our youth are torn between parental rules and a desire to be accepted. Girls struggle with desire to be included, and the pain surrounding popularity. Boys are pressured to stand tall in man size shoes, yet they don’t understand the true meaning of being a man, and sometimes the visible example is not one that should be modeled, or a role model is not apparent in the home or family.

apov is dedicated to parents

APOV is dedicated to visionary parents. Do you live the example you would like to see in your child? Do you cherish a vision of success for yourself, and that of your son or daughter in this complex and high technical society? Yes, and are you the same visionary parents that fear your child may not embrace opportunities, but rather run away from their future due to inappropriate choices? I employ you to allow APOV to become a part of your village, and become a part of an alternate way of thinking.

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