Boy Power
Girl Power

From Boy to Man

Boy Power, an exceptional and savory species, vital to the universe, willing to take risks, and sometimes has difficulty remaining focused. Without this nucleus a unit can not exist. Capable of compound energy; when gray matter is focused and engaged, energy is remarkably unlike any other- shining his extraordinarily heights in places of interest thus creating Man Power.

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That Metamorphosis Girl!

What are girls made of?

Girl Power, not just uniquely smart and capable, but an awesome innate species; unlike any other, grounded in soaring potential, and without whose nucleus a unit cannot exist. Given to multi-task, and finds uniqueness exploring differences. Lavished with a splash of honey too boot. Girls are capable of a transformation into a mature gift. “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord” (Proverbs 18:22)

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Hot Wired and Hijacked

Addiction is a disease. It was recognized in 1956 as a complex and baffling disease by the American Medical Association. Addiction hurts everyone. It is a family disease- all family members are impacted by its presence. Recovery from addiction is a life long climb up a slippery hill. It requires the recovering person and family to re-adjust, and this requires patience and persistence.

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Tobacco Still Kills

Some times we don’t talk about death for fear of offending someone. Let us get real people. Death is final. There isn’t another chance to get it right. There is nothing left to prove. Millions have died because of tobacco. Research is clear CHANGE is the key! The good news is that if you quit smoking, after 10 years your lungs will clean themselves, and you can add 10 years to your life. Better yet, NEVER START and live a healthier life.

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A New Found Compass

APOV, Inc has decided to take a proactive stand on an issue that causes nightmares to students and parents - Bullying. The following information is designed to increase awareness and knowledge for those impacted by bullying in our community.

We strive to empower by: Inspiring youth to cling to ideas that elevate around, over, and through barriers. Thus we can move beyond the barrier of fear. The goal here is to walk to the far side of chaos, and allow your peaceful presence to linger in a room; therefore, leaving the room better than when you found it.

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That Fire That Keeps on Burning

Anger is the fire that keeps on burning until it is extinguished by CONTROL.

CWho is in control of you? If you say no one, think again, by Choice you can give away your gifts, talents, and rights to someone else. Think about it, does someone always push your button? Is there someone you usually allow to be right, when you really want to voice your opinion by saying, “No, I don’t think that’s right.” Do you usually go along, to get along, with the in-crowd? It is important to fully understand that LIFE IS ABOUT THE CHOICES WE MAKE.

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Somebody Bigger Than You and I

If you are trying to dream, but your vision is not yet clear, there is someone who can ‘orchestrate’ (coordinate/arrange something to achieve a desired results) bigger and clearer than you could ever imagine. I don’t know about you, but Jesus Christ is THE ONE that I want in my corner! He will be your very own advocate, open doors, quiet waters, lower mountains, and sooth every headache. What will this cost you? Will you need a HMO? No need for HMO. The price is already paid in full! It was paid over 2000 years ago.

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