In an effort to promote attainment of higher education for Prince George’s County youth, APOV, Inc. awards-scholarships to students between the ages of seventeen (17) and nineteen (19) years of age.  We encourage all Prince George’s County youth to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for one of the $1,000 dollar non-renewable scholarships for tuition, books, and fees. Only students of Prince George’s County pursuing education at an accredited-university/college/technical college/school are eligible. Additionally, the parent/guardian must be a resident of the state of Maryland.

application process

2019 APOV Scholarship applications are available online at website. All requirements described below must be honored in your application in order to be considered for this non-renewable scholarship award.

application packet

Judges will not know the identities of applicants during the selection process. Please remember to return the information below as part of your completed application. Staple completed packet.

    1. Essay: in 300-500 words, please discuss each of the following:

        *If you could teach your peers two to three ways to overcome bullying attacks,

          what would those things be and why?   


    2.  *If you were given an opportunity to have input in The APOV Program, at what grade would you implement an  

          APOV Enrichment Program? What would be the focus of your group and why?

       Essay Format: Typewritten, 12 inch font (minimum) (Times New Roman preferred font). Each paragraph shall be separated by one                                          blank line.

    3. Use correct U. S. postage

    4. List your community service within the past two years.

    5. Include a copy of a letter of acceptance, or proof of enrollment from an accredited university/college/technical college/school          with address attached.

    6. In order of importance, what activities have you participated in during your high school years, and what was your role or                                  position?  (e.g., sports, band, choir, student government, JROTC, church group, etc.)

    7. By July 12, 2019 mail completed scholarship application to:

         2019 Scholarship Application

        P. O. Box 44832

        Fort Washington, 20744

        Beginning May 27, 2019

         Ending July 12, 2019

         Notification and check will be mailed by July 19, 2019