a place of vision

Welcome! You have connected with a leadership team that is grounded and committed to helping our youth realize their gifts and talents. Bobby Kennedy once equated a small action to a pebble thrown into a still lake. We stand and watch the ripple of hope it creates as it cascades outward. We believe APOV can represent such a metaphor. As we put forth our best effort, it is our hope that cascading knowledge will make ripples of hope and possibilities in the minds of our youth as they begin to change in the world around them.

how are we different?

We understand the importance of investing in, and developing the change we wish to see. We purposely seek to build self-esteem, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills that support long-term growth of the man and woman you wish to see your child become. We understand our youth’s desire for validation of their uniqueness. It is our extraordinary youth that are caught off guard, and some of our media seems eager to show their struggle on local television.

APOV has seen and heard the struggle of our youth. We are ready to share our professional skills, gifts, and talents, through APOV, Inc. a non-profit organization in Prince George’s County. We accepts the challenge. This website presents a synopsis of some of the problem areas we address. There is a well-known proverb that says: “It takes a village to raise a child.” We profoundly acknowledge this. No one group, nor any one person single-handedly can create core changes that are needed. We must work together. We need supportive parents, we need your input, feed-back, and yes your financial support as well (educational literature, curriculum-in-action fees (trips), and means of transportation). Our efforts will not be wrapped up in a bag or behind closed doors.

We as parents, however; must do our part. We first must live the example the child should follow; just as importantly, we must be the parent with encouragement as needed, and we must discipline with love and give guidance when that is needed also. A parent is not a peer- friend. Why? Because parents are not the age of their children. Parents possess years of wisdom, knowledge, their own skills, gifts, talents, and when love is added to these parental qualities, magnification of a parent is an awesome power!

APOV, Inc. ask for your prayers and support over the years to come. We look forward to our inclusion in the miracle that is on its way for our youth.